How to Get YouTube Subscribers and Views

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YouTube is a massive video platform that offers a lot of options to viewers. Getting a

consistent following and building a brand takes time, effort, and a solid strategy.

Focusing on a targeted audience helps you to create content that deeply resonates

with like-minded viewers. Adding an end screen and a simple call-to-action in the

middle or at the end of your videos will also help.


Create a compelling title

The title of your video is the most important element for attracting viewers and

increasing engagement. It tells viewers what they’ll find in the video and is often the

first thing a viewer sees when browsing YouTube. It also impacts the search visibility

of your videos and helps to create a recognizable brand for your channel.


A compelling title should pique the viewer’s interest, evoke emotions, or promise

something exciting. Using power words like “amazing,” “stunning,” or “hilarious”

can help your title stick out and generate click-throughs. Numeric phrases such as

“10,” “6,” or “4” are also great at grabbing attention and creating a sense of


It’s also important to keep in mind that YouTube title length limits apply. Titles that

are too long will get truncated and may not be displayed at all. Using a tool like

Jasper can help you create titles that are both informative and catchy, while being

within the limit.


Optimize your description

It’s no secret that YouTube’s algorithm heavily weighs video descriptions when

ranking videos for search. So, it’s important to optimize your description as much as

possible. One way to do that is by inserting keywords strategically throughout your

verbiage. You should also include a compelling hook and hashtags to help viewers

discover your video.For more info, do visit this websitelenostube.


However, don’t go overboard with the keywords, as this can be seen as spammy and

a turn-off to users. Instead, try to incorporate the keywords naturally into the

description so that it doesn’t feel forced or robotic.

To find a good list of relevant keywords, you can use Google’s Keyword Planner tool

or simply type them into YouTube’s search bar. You can also use YouTube’s

analytics tool to see how certain keywords perform over time and to track video

performance across different devices. Then, you can use this information to optimize

your videos accordingly. For example, if a video isn’t performing well on mobile, you

may want to consider changing its description or title for better results.


Create a strong call-to-action

The call-to-action in a YouTube video is an invitation for viewers to take some action,

whether it’s subscribing to the channel, watching another video on the same topic,

visiting the website or social media profile, or any other action. This can be asked

verbally or visually and needs to be planned and incorporated into the video script.

The best ways to do this are with cards and end screens, which can be added via the

YouTube studio. Cards show up on top of the video at a time you choose and can be

clickable. End screens can have multiple elements, but the most important is the link

to your website or other channels you control.


Using the CTA can help increase your videos’ watch time, which is an important

factor in the YouTube algorithm. It’s also a good way to generate leads for your

business. You can also add a text link to your website in the video description, but

this won’t have as much impact as a CTA.


Ask for subscribers

Everyone knows that good content is a key to getting more views and subscribers on

YouTube. However, many YouTube creators forget that it’s not enough to just

produce videos that are interesting, informative, or funny—it’s also important to ask

for subscribers!

While some people may think that asking for subscriptions is annoying, it’s actually

one of the best ways to encourage them. People are often focused on the video

they’re watching, so they don’t always remember to subscribe unless you remind



One of the best ways to do this is by using social media tools like Sprout Social,

which can help you promote your YouTube videos on Facebook and Twitter at the

same time. This way, you can reach more people at the times when they’re most

engaged. Additionally, you can use these tools to funnel social media followers from

other platforms to your YouTube channel. This is a great way to grow your

subscriber count without spending a lot of money on ads!




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