Three Reasons Your emails aren’t being Reacted To

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Delivering your emails to the right recipients is crucial. with an estimated 774 trillion emails delivered every year, it’s crucial that your emails reach the inboxes it was intended for. But getting your email to an inbox may be one thing; responding to it is another

Yes, you can modify your subject line to make it attractive and captivating to the reader’s attention however it won’t increase the number of email openings. Conversions remain a source of concern.

Therefore, why not investigate the things you’re doing wrong with your email messages that does not encourage conversions?

These are the top 3 reasons why emails don’t be answered:

Your emails aren’t personalized enough

Amazing as it might be personalization of emails has an increase of 41% in CTRs than unpersonalized emails even though 70% of marketers do not personalize their marketing emails. Personalization does not necessarily mean including your “name” of your recipient inside your email’s body. It is about creating content that is that is unique and relevant to the recipient.

How do you make that happen when you’re sending out thousands of emails? It’s all in segments in your email lists. You can segment your list according to their preferences and then tailor your emails to suit that.

Other things to be remembered during personalization include:

Work on your “From” section, Use your name instead the name of your company.

If you’re planning to run competition, make use of automated email marketing to send out personalized emails.

Social Media evidence and Mentions are not there

Are you sending your emails out without including social handles? It’s not a wise choice considering people want to know what other people think about your company’s image as well. If you decide to add social icons it is important to make sure that you’re active on the social platform and have received positive reviews on your page. It’s not a good idea to direct people to your page on social media and allow them to see just 300 likes and 500 followers. This isn’t a particularly appealing number.

When you are writing email body it is recommended to include the name of a reliable customer or event review. Social signals are more reliable rather than self-promotion. It is likely that you are not getting any mentions of your company’s name in your emails and therefore losing out on conversions too.

Is there a carrot in the garden?

No matter if you’re interested in B2B as well as B2C marketing”added benefit” and the carrot “added benefit” is a good choice for everyone.

If you’re used to online shopping, the term “cart abandonment” will not be something new to you. What’s not new is getting an email message from the vendor and reminding you politely that items are in your shopping cart. If you do not respond, there may be an email in two days, offering an additional discount of 5% when you purchase right now!

It is also the case for customers who haven’t been active for some time. You might have received emails that have subject lines such as -“We are missing you!” or “Are you still interested?”

What’s the question: are you using these strategies of engagement with your audience for your email marketing? If you haven’t, this is the area you should be working on.

Review you email list today and find clients who haven’t conducted business with you in the past 6 months. You’ll can anticipate with your company!





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